Thursday, 26 March 2015

Your Love

It is You, and You alone Who shines the light on my path,
When I wander off the course, ignorant in the darkness of my heart.
It is You, who guides me, protects me and loves me,
Like no one ever has, and no one ever can, I can see.

You pull me to Yourself, protect me, and keep me comfortable in the warmth of Your Love,
Your Love, that has no end and no beginning, What no obstacle can hold back, is Your Love.
I stray away, every now and then, sucked into the world that is glittery but has no gold,
But You, my Father, show me the truth and pull me back into Your Fold.

I have no strength of will nor do any good deeds,
Its on misery, pity , fear and anger that my heart feeds,
But you my Dearest Bapu, see in me, no ill,
You drench me in Your Love, till I have my fill.

Meek and devoid of any virtue at all am I,
No matter what, my wants are always impossible to satisfy,
I fall, in the desire of material and wealth, of appreciation and good health,
I have not a good word to say, nor a single deed I do to help.

But You my dearest Dad, do not care, Your Love flows unconditionally to me,
You don't expect from me any returns, but to let Your Love fill my heart and me.
And I know, that when I let it happen, all that is ill, in me,
Will be washed away by this Love that belongs to Thee.

You are nothing but Your Love, Love that is unconditional and pure.
And it is for every living being, that I am sure.
You stop for nothing and no one, and care not, for what I have done,
When I call out to You, my Loving Father, You rush to my aid, no matter what wrong I have done.

It is Your Love alone, which makes the world on its axis rotate,
And at times of anger, you make our hearts placate.
Its alone Your Love that makes the birds sing,
Without Your Love there would be no Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring.

Like a Father, You protect me from my enemies and every trouble,
And yet, like a Mother you wrap me in your arms, when I am lonely and miserble,
My only hope, my only strength, inspite of all my fouls, my only save,
Is, Your Love, Your Love, Your Love.

Your Love is the armour which protects the meek and feeble,
It owns up all those who seek it, no matter how full of vices like me.
You drench wretched creatures like me in Your Love and affection,
Removing all the ills and giving us virtues in profusion. 

You take away from me all the misfortunes I deserve, for all my heinous deeds,
For the tiniest act of goodness, Your giving, even my imagination cannot supersede,
And if I ever think about why You do it all,
The answer is just, Your Love, Your Love and Your Love.

It is only Your Love, that gives the Universe its joy and happiness,
I can only marvel at how You love me in all my wretchedness.
I am forever grateful to belong to Your herd ,
For a lamb like myself, Your Love, is the only shepherd.

I love you my Dad.
I am Ambadnya forever.
Jai Jagdamb Jai Durge.


Atul Prabhu said...

Extremey touching. Wowwww srijaneeveera, excellent concept and worded aptly. Bapu bless.

Vinaya Pasarnikar said...

Amazing Writing Shrijaniveera!!!!

Beautifully expressed the Bhakti, Prem thoughts to our DAD's lotus feet which is occurring every Shraddhavans mindπŸ™πŸ‘
Mind BlowingπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Jay Jagdamb Hay Durge

Sachs said...

Awesome Srijaneveera !!!
Got goose bumps when I was reading it.

Kavita Chakor said...

Outstanding work Srijaniveera!!!! Your thoughts and devotion towards our loving dad has very well been reflected in form of this poetry....Splendid πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ™

Srijanee DMello said...

Shree Ram everyone. Its just His Kripa.

Neo Dmello said...
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Neo Dmello said...

I love it Srijanee

Unknown said...

Very good. Ambadnya Nathsamvidh