Sunday, 8 March 2015

And a Beautiful Soul He Is

.... The BB that is. I cannot express in words just how thankful I am to Bapu for giving me The BB as my son. I am beginning to understand him just about now. He is so different from me in every single way, as he is from most other children his age. It amazes me, that he has been able to maintain himself, the way he is, so far, never ever giving in to peer pressure. And that is not even a struggle for him, because he simply does not acknowledge peer pressure, he lives by his own rules. Honestly I have had my moments of struggle  with trying to get him to do more mainstream kids' things, which never seem to interest him. He is as happy by himself, as he is to play with his friends.

Yes, I do write it as a parent, and I know it is a strongly biased view, but it does mean a thing, when his teacher (who is obviously used to dealing with plenty of kid his age), tells me, "He does not have a mean bone in his body."  And its true believe you me. That boy cannot hurt an ant intentionally. Not because he is scared, but because he believes its wrong to do so. His heart always goes out to the smaller and weaker, and he would always befriend them over the bigger stronger kid his own age.

But the reason I am writing this post, is an incident that occurred recently. A friend came over with her two little girls recently, and since it was the day of Holi, we decided to indulge a bit in the play of colours and water with the kids. The BB was the oldest, and once he realised it involved spraying others with water, or bursting water balloons on them, he just refused and hid behind a wall. Initially I just felt he was not being sporting enough, and tried to drag him into it, but he refused blankly, and then told me, that he does not want to hurt anyone, and burst a couple of balloons on himself instead. It reminded me, of when we had gone for a Tae-kwon-do trial class and he disliked it because the idea of kicking and punching, just did not go down well with him. I remind you, this boy is just 8. I definitely did not have any principles of such kind when I was his age, and I really wonder how many other kids do.

I am truly Ambadnya to be the mother of such a boy. I just pray that he never loses the essence of his being, and is always cared for and protected by Bapu. May his soul, his thoughts remain as gentle and kind as they are today, always.

Happy Holi Peeps!

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