Monday, 15 August 2016

Independent India, A Philosophy of Love, Bravery and Selfless Sacrifice

My emotional connection with India is very deep. It is a core part of my heart and soul, my very being. My blood boils each time I hear about the atrocities committed on Indian masses by the British colonial forces, tears flow down freely from my eyes whenever I hear Indian patriotic songs, and my hands turn into fists each time I read or hear the poems like Khub Ladi Mardani Woh Toh Jhansi waali Rani thi, Woh khoon Kaho kis matlab ka or hear the calls of Tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe aazaadi doonga.  I wish I was born in an era where I could have responded to the call and offered myself as an instrument in that war against oppressive forces. 
As they say, you can take the Indian away from India, but can't take the India out of the Indian. India to me represents true grit and determination. The problems are a million, but nothing can keep it down, it just forges its path ahead. People struggle, travel in packed-to-the-brim buses and trains, but their spirit soars high, and they break barriers every single day. Every time anyone has come with the desire to break the Indian spirit, they have either conceded defeat, or gotten immersed in it themselves.

People, kingdoms, kings and more have come to loot away its wealth for thousands of years, but never has India been any poorer, because its true wealth is its spirituality, its people, wealth and jewels are, but transient possessions. Its true wealth is its indomitable spirit! The spirit of India. And the ones who have opened their hearts to it, have only gained riches.

India is the home of Gods. No wonder we have God's Own Country Kerala in the South and Heaven on Earth, Kashmir as the feather in India's cap. India is not just a country or territory, its a feeling, a philosophy, a love for eternity. It is a living example of unity in diversity. People of all communities and backgrounds have moved into India for ages, and amalgamated beautifully into the fabric, that is India.
Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Bhagat Singh
Khudiram Bose
I have grown up with the tales of valor of the freedom fighters of India, their tales of brave sacrifice, and single minded dedication to their motherland. How the 23 year old Shaheed Bhagat Singh smilingly accepted the noose around his young neck in the fight for freedom, the 18 year old Khudiram Bose who was the youngest freedom fighter to be hanged to death by the tyrannical East India Company of the UK, at the tender age of 18. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who went out of India and formed an entire trained army called the Azad Hind Fauj(Indian Natonal Army) single handedly. The man, who had a  women's wing in the army, at an age, where women had a tough life everywhere in the world, women's lib was a nascent concept, and here was an entire wing of an army comprised of women. The great visionary leaders, with a sense of complete self sacrifice are many, and I could not name them all, like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Veer Savarkar, Chandrashekhar Azaad, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azaad, Dr. Ambedkar and the list goes on and on. And who in the world does not know about the great Gandhi who taught the world, the power of love and peace!
My Hero, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
I am blessed to be born in the soil of the nation, that produced these stalwarts, the nation, where people fought bravely for the sake of their nation, without looking at their personal interests, even sacrificing their lives gladly, bearing all kinds of torture and atrocities by the British govt and police.  From the Jallianwala Bagh massacre (gunning down a peaceful assembly of people in a park, which included women and children)to the Great Famine of Bengal (farmers forced to grow poppy seed crops to produce opium, leading to drying up of all water) the colonial powers proved their cruelty, lack of morals, greed and desperate desire to destroy the strength of India and its people time and again. And all this in addition to all the wealth, jewels and more they openly looted from India.  They kept at it for 200 years, working incessantly, but the Indian spirit never broke, and Indians kept fighting for freeing their precious motherland from the clutches of evil forces! And 70 years ago, on this auspicious day, the colonial forces retreated having accepted defeat, with their tail between their legs. India was a lot poorer materially, than what it possessed 200 years ago, but it gained, pride, greater strength, than ever before. And yet in those years, the British men and women who came to India, and opened their heart to it, they could not leave the place, that filled their soul with joy and stayed behind, raising families in India, integrating themselves into the Indian philosophy.  And while we are going from strength to strength with each passing day, whether it be space missions, educational milestones, economic growth or equality for women, let us never forget the great sacrifices of these brave soldiers, who fought to give us this free and strong India, without any material incentive, but absolute love for their motherland, and self respect.  

Wishing all Indians and Our Beautiful Mother India a very very happy Independence Day! May we all work hard to bring greater glory to our Bharat Mata and take her from strength to strength. JAI HIND.
Bharat Mata ki Jai!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

माँ है मेरी दुर्गा, भारत है मेरी मातृभूमि

हज़ारों आये और लाखों मार खाके भाग गये ,
या मर गए या मिट गए ,
भारत की पावन भूमि पर जान लो मेरे दोस्तों ,
पापी न टिक पाएं हैं न टिक पायेंगे |

संहार  पापियों का इस पवित्र भूमि पर सदा ही हुआ है ,
महिषासुरमर्दिनि के हैं हम वंशज, पाप कहाँ यहां टिक पाया है ,
देवों की इस भूमि पर जिसने शैतान का सहारा लिया है ,
वह मर गए मिट गए, नमो निशाँ न उनका बच पाया है |

माँ है मेरी दुर्गा, भारत है मेरी मातृभूमि ,
न कर उनके खिलाफ कुछ भी ऐ शैतान के पुजारी ,
अपनी मौत को तूने खुद ही है बुलाई ,
जब जंग के लिए तूने हमें है दी ललकारी |

हमारे रगों में खून है आज़ाद का, भगत सिंह का ,
डर नहीं हमारे मन  में नीच पापी भेड़ियों का ,
भूत पिशाच भी डरते हैं हमसे ऐ नादान ,
तू तो बस है उनका छोटा सा एक ग़ुलाम |

जो तलवार रहती है मयान में न समझ उसे भौंथरा ,
एक ही वार में सिर  कलम करेगा वह तेरा ,
शांति और सहिष्णुता को मत समझ निर्बलता ,
वीर ही सह सकता है दर्द, वह नहीं चिल्लाता |

टूट गया है अब धीरज का हर बाँध,
जब खुनी दरिंदों ने बोले अपशब्द मेरी माँ के नाम ,
तुम नीच क्या टुकड़े करोगे मेरी भारत माँ के,
अंग्रेजों ने कोशिश की, उन्हें भगा दिया हमने मारके |

तुम भी मुंह की खाओगे अब, जिनका पेशा  है दलाली,
जिस मुंह से ऊगली है अकथनीय  गंदगी ,
दी है अपनी ही मातृभूमि को गन्दी गाली,
उसी से आएँगी अब खून की उल्टियाँ मव्वाली |

तुम्हारे रगों  में खून नहीं इंसान का,
भरा हुआ है ज़हर गद्दार कपटियों का,
पिया नहीं है दूध तुमने माँ का कभी,
पले बढ़े  हो नमकहरामी के दलदल में ही |

संभल जा सुधर जा भाग ले दुम  दबाके,
मौत आई है तुम्हारी अब ज़ोर लगाके,
बहुत देर तक धरा है धीरज अच्छाई ने सांस रोकके,
लेकिन अब वक़्त आया गया है पापियों के जड़ों को उखाड़ने के।

अब नहीं बचेगा कोई भी पापी कोई भी देशद्रोही,
अपनी माँ का ही अपमान करने वाले नीच प्राणी,
लागलो अपनी सारी ताकत तुम इंसानी मुखौटे के राक्षसों ,
हर युग में हुआ है तुम्हारा ही संहार यह याद रखो |

न तोड़ पाया है कोई भारत को हज़ारों सालों में ,
कोशिश की है इतिहास में बहुत सी दुष्ट ताकतों ने ,
दिखाने अपनी ताकत, फ़ौज लेकर आये, बंदूकें भी चलायीं ,
पर कोई भी नहीं टिक पाया सबने मुंह की खायी |

सीख ले कुछ इतिहास से ही ऐ मूर्ख ,
अब तेरी बारी है पीटने की ऐ धूर्त ,
मिटटी में तू मिल जाएगा तेरा नमो निशाँ न बचेगा ,
भारत माँ के खिलाफ उठा हर सिर कट के गिर जायेगा |

रावण मरा  राम के हाथों, कृष्ण ने मिटा दिया कंस को ,
मेरी माँ महिषासुरमर्दिनि के आगे क्या टिकेगा वह महिषासुर ,
अपने बच्चों की रक्षा के लिए मिटा देती है वह हर पापी ,
फिर तुम्हारी क्या? तुम तो छोटे प्यादे हो|
विनाशकाल में विपरीत बुद्धि के मारे हो।

 जय हिन्द
जय माँ महिषासुरमर्दिनि
जय जगदम्ब जय दुर्गे

Friday, 4 March 2016

Enough is Enough

This quote of Edmund Burke rings true today, like never before

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
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 The only thing necessary for the triumph of  evil, is for good men to do nothing.

For years now, the average Indian, bred on pseudo-secularism , and tolerance, sits quietly on the sidelines and ignores everything that goes against him, his principles and beliefs.  An honest man, pays a bribe each time he enters a government office, he is a prey, a victim, he breaks his own principle of honesty, but we are reared with the belief,  that is just the way things are. We let go. And we let go so often, that, it becomes second nature. If a girl is molested, she is taught to ignore it, forget it, no matter if it churns her from inside out, being brought up in a culture, where her modesty is held to be of prime importance.We let it go.

As I said in my previous post, to stand up for true, honest beliefs has become unfashionable. Taking it all in, has become a way of life. I have never been one who could, still cannot. I have to draw lines, I have to speak up for things I believe in, because my emotions are raw and real, not fake and made-up, and most importantly because I think for myself, and am not fed by media crap. While I still let go, by backing off rather than arguing, or keeping quiet instead of debating, but I think now is the time to say enough is enough.In a country of Hindu majority, the pseudo secularist ideals propagated for years, basically mean, that all religions, except Hinduism, get preference and special consideration and following anything staunchly Hindu in beliefs and practice, is presumes unsecular by nature. And building up on that, people have been allowed to say utter crap without a care.  It started small, and because we let go, it grew, and has now spread to the atrocious levels that it has.

God is the creator, the most powerful and holy, the kindest and most loving and also beyond what any human can ever truly comprehend. If a person is foolish enough to discard this truth, well, its his free will, and sheer misfortune, but if he or she thinks, they have the right to speak ill of God, in any form whatsoever, I take personal offence, because God is my creator, my whole and sole. Maa Durga is my Mother, Mahishasurmardini is my guardian, my protector, so those who speak ill of Her, are my enemies. And let me clearly state, these people have called for a war. There is a limit to everything, but obviously immoral fools like these don't know that, and have crossed theirs. So here I am telling you straight out. This is a war, not political, not communal, but between a force that speaks utter filth (because that is all their mind is capable of) about the Divine Mother, and the devoted Children of Maa Durga. I call on every single person, who believes in Maa Durga to be their Divine Mother to join this battle. It is because we have actually been tolerant of such filthy atrocious people for decades, that they have dared grow to such utter disregard. 

Whether Mahishasur will actually claim these pieces of filth or not, I will definitely put in my full might in destroying them, and their destruction is definite, as evil has always been defeated by good. You speak ill of my Maa Durga, you have committed the worst mistake of your pathetic evil life, and you shall pay for it. The JNU goons, the media brokers, the pseudo intellectuals, and each and every one of you. You have declared war, now be prepared to be slaughtered, because you have gone, where your filthy mouths and dirty minds don't belong. Mahishasurmardini, shall always slay Mahishasur, but for you puny, filthy beings, we Her blessed children are enough.

Let it be said, loud and clear, for years these dirty elements have been tolerated, and been forgiven, but their pathetic minds, have misinterpreted tolerance, as weakness. But now, its time for you to face consequences, for your dirty deeds, and words. Because when the silence is broken, the words are more powerful than guns and tanks. We are breaking our silence. We are tolerant, but that does not mean we shall allow you to walk over our dignity, pride or emotions. You have brought this on yourselves, by going way past your limits. Now see how the weak roar back and blast you into bits.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
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Friday, 26 February 2016

Sanctity No More

Shocked, disheartened, angry, heart broken, all of those and more describe my state of mind right now. While these emotions have been brought forth with a vengeance by the recent chain of events, this is not the first time I am experiencing them,  and the reasons were not much different then either. This post may or may not have a very coherent flow, simply because, I am rather upset and I want to speak my mind.... somewhere.

The India today, infact the entire world as it exists now, has no concept of the sacrosanct. Everything seems to be open for violation by any and everyone. It hurts me, because my country, my God are very personal and important to me. When you say ill about my motherland, it is equivalent to my own mother being abused, as it is, when God is spoken ill of. The unfortunate fact is, very few people take things to heart unless it is about themselves or immediate family, and only then all hell breaks loose. But my country, and God are no less personal to me, than my children or my parents. Yes, that is the plain and simple fact of it. It really upsets me still, when people don't stand up for the national anthem! That is how I am, and I have no shame in saying this, because I wear it as a badge of honour.

A couple of years ago, on Facebook, I had friends, who are intellectuals, people who have written and published books, not just fiction, but on topics of women's rights and their plights. At one point of time, I simply removed them from my friend list, I did not fight them, I prefered not to argue but just move away from people who were hurting my sentiments. These people called Lord Ram all kinds of names, anti-feminist, a wimp etc etc. I don't want to go deeper, because it will just enrage me further. But when I politely told them, what they think is incorrect, I was told that they had read the Ramayana in and out, and knew much better than me. I could see, that they had no sense of boundaries or limits, and believed themselves and their opinions to be superior to all else.This anti-Ram brigade has been there for long, most of them pseudo-feminists, with mastery of the English language, to whom feminism often represents, ability to drink freely, freedom of promiscuity for women and wearing not-so-modest clothing, without a care. The point is, nothing is sacred to them, just the ability to read, or be on the Internet seems to give people the misconception, that they can talk, just about anything. What saddens me more, is that there is no sense of loyalty, belonging or respect for anything at all.

What then to say, about kids who are still studying. They speak about Maa Durga in ways, they would of a promiscous woman on the streets, they have no wisdom, and are terribly misguided. I understand now, the meaning behind the words of Jesus, praying to God, and saying " Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do! ". Such is the state of mind of these people, young-adults, adults and more. They are ignorant, misguided and worst of all full of ego, to know or understand anymore than what they know. Where God is not sacred anymore, what chance does their motherland or Gandhiji stand?

It is also a great, and blatant show of insensitivity towards the emotions and sensitivities of others. That in my books, makes people rude and mean, because every individual is gifted with free-will and has the right to form their own opinions and judgments, but when the expression of these opinions happen at the cost of hurting others, it is these people who prove themselves insensitive and more importantly intolerant. Knowledge without kindness is worse than being ignorant, and knowledge acquired by reading or hearing, does not convert to wisdom unless correctly assimilated by us. We are generation with scant respect for anything, but ourselves, we are also possibly the most materialistic and selfish bunch of people to have ever inhabited the world. It is our lack of respect for anything beyond ourselves, which makes things more twisted. We presume we are wise enough to have an opinion on everything, things that are way beyond our comprehension, or capacity to understand. Instead of just anger, I am filled with a strong sense of pity, when I read a designer-wear donning, chauffeur-driven-car-traveling, completely-obsessed-with-outer-appearance lady assassinate the character of Mahatma Gandhi, with similar pseudo intellectual cronies nodding their heads along in vociferous agreement through comments and tweets, because they cannot in their air-conditioned  environs imagine giving away their clothes to the poor, to live in just a dhoti, give a life of luxury to fight for the rights others. Such kinds think they have the right to criticise a man who brought them the freedom to actually afford those things and express their opinions freely. Ridiculous, sad, preposterous does not even begin to cover it.

Our ideas of being hip and cool are now synonymous with our ability to openly criticise religion and all that is believed to be ideal. Crab mentality at its best, if we can't emulate them, or be them, let us get into mud slinging. If you actually hold onto some ideals, principles or beliefs, you are more likely to be considered absolutely uncool.  Chalta Hai is the attitude to have. In a group of friends, agree to anything and everything that is said, no matter how absolutely wrong or atrocious it is. It is considered maturity and diplomacy, to hear things and not react, a joke about a rape, or about the country or even God. Hear it and smile, if you cannot agree and applaud, in the least. This is the attitude that is being bred, and then built on. What starts with small slights on minor matters, then ends up with  Mahishasur Martyrdom  Day, because no one said a word, when it was small, because no one cares anymore if the country is abused. How much worse are we going to let things get, before we raise our voices? Before we decide, chalta hai  is not the right way. Somethings are sacrosanct, and NO ONE has the right to violate those things. This is what our generation with too much information and very little wisdom or respect, needs to learn. That just because we cannot understand it from our small minded perspective, does not mean that thing is wrong, rather, it means we need to learn more, broaden our horizons further, and to make us realise that indeed we are but an ignorant creature, with just lots of junk information on our hands.

And yes, once again, a slight against India, or God, is as personal to me, as anyone abusing my children or my parents. That is the way, it has been, and that is the way it always will be. A person who abuses the very nation that has fed him, clothed him and educated him, is an ungrateful creature of the highest order. Law may, or may not punish him, but such people belong to the very scum of humanity, because ingratitude is the worst crime of all.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Me, The Mother's Anguish

So we are done with six lovely long weeks of summer break. We did a road trip, which was mostly awesome, because I ♥ drives, but the boys not so much, so it involved a lot of whimpering after we hit the 2 hour mark in any of the legs. However, all said and done, the trip was lovely. The PM was on leave for a long spell, so we basically had a full house, with no schedule to stick to, for most of the time. Lovely I say! And thankfully the weather has been kind, in that, it is not crazy hot this summer. And this week, the school of the BB and the kindergarten for the Smallie has opened, and off they have trotted happy and excited. Hopefully they enjoyed their vacations too!

And as they leave home, and I get to be home alone, I realise, I am totally and completely institutionalised. If you have watched The Shawshank Redemption, you know what I mean by that word.I am too used to being a mother with a noisy home, and barely anytime to think,being pounded with non stop questions, comments and more, to be able to live in any other condition. It has been getting hard for me since the end of last year. I began dreading getting back home after drop offs. I hated the stillness and silence the home offered in the absence of my babies.I am not a social butterfly, but I am not an alone person either. I think when I fell in love and later got married, that was one of the things I was most happy about, I would never have to look for company. And then growing into a family, has been wonderful. Been over nine years now, since I became a mother, and I have loved the journey each moment. What I don't enjoy so much though, is the boys growing up and going away.

The home feels so lonely and empty, that I want to flee, in those lonely hours. There is about as much time as I can loiter about, or run errands, or shop. I get back and I miss my boys, their presence, their noise and more. I have in many ways started envying the mums who truly enjoy the peace and quiet they get when their kids are away, when they get time for leisure or just to get their jobs done. I hope to get there, or hope to get back to work, or even just start to adjust to this new idea of being by myself, but till I do, there are some lonely empty days ahead of me, and I just hope they don't get to me as much as they had been, and I can learn to appreciate the me-time, my life that I had been seeking so hard for some years ago. Just as in the movie, I did not wish to give up those things, but I did, and I have for so long been bereft of them, that I am now institutionalised, and I no longer know, what to do with them, now that I have them back for a bit. The curse of motherhood, or maybe just an indication that I need to sort out my life and find a more to do with it!!

Friday, 8 January 2016

कोशिश करनेवाले की हार कभी नहीं होती

नहीं मिलती है मंज़िल बिना कोशिश के ,
कोशिश है अधूरी बिना मेहनत मशक्कत के,
मेहनत में जब मिला हो जोश का जज़्बा ,
खुदा  भी कहते हैं वाह वाह मेरा बच्चा ।

हर पल साथ देता है मेरा वह मेरा दाता ,
चाहता है वह मुझसे बस  थोड़ी सी  कोशिश,
कहता है वह बार बार मुझसे यही ,
कोशिश करने वाले की हार होती नहीं कभी भी ।

बना रहता है वह बापू मेरा सहारा हर पल,
कहता है तू लगा दे कोशिश में अपना सम्पूर्ण बल ,
बाकी सब संभालता हूँ मैं तू रह निडर,
बस डटा रह तू सदा अपने ही  पथ पर |

त्याग और बलिदान से ही होती है मेहनत सफल,
जाना है मैंने यह बापू के पथ पर ,
नहीं मिलता  है खुदा  उस बन्दे से ,
जो भागता है मेहनत और कोशिश से |

प्रयास में है बल पत्थर तोड़ने की ,
ताकत है उसमे खुदासे मिलाने  की ,
तू बस जी जान से कर कोशिश बन्दे ,
बापू दिलाएगा तुहे तेरी मंज़िल कसम से |

जिसका  मन सच्चा और इरादे बुलंद हैं ,
नहीं डरता है वह किसी भी चुनौती से ,
पार कर जाता है हर बाधा  हर रूकावट,
जीत देती है उसके दर पर ही दस्तक |

पर यह बात मन में तू ठान ले बंदे ,
रुकेगा न झुकेगा न, न तू ख़्वाबों में डूबेगा ,
मंज़िल है तेरी, रस्ते पे तू चलता ही रहेगा ,
हो आंधी तूफ़ान या हो खाई गहरी,
चलता ही रहेगा तू हो छाँव या भरी दुपहरी |

मंज़िल भी ढून्ढ तू सोच समझ कर,
बापू को ही बना ले तू मंज़िल ज़िन्दगी की ,
सबसे अच्छी बेहतरीन है वह मंज़िल ,
रास्ते में भी साथ देगा तुझे, तेरी यह मंज़िल|

कभी अगर तू डरा, रुका या गिरा तो ,
वोही उठा के देगा सहारा तुझे तो ,
हौंसला जब तेरा टूटने लगेगा,
तेरी मंज़िल ही तुझमे जोश से भर देगा |

बस तू कर अपनी कोशिश ऐ बन्दे ,
कभी न नज़र हटा अपनी मंज़िल से,
चलता जा तू हर पल हर घडी  में ,
बापू ले लेगा तुझे अपनी पनाह में|

बापू का हो साथ तो हर बुलंदी तू छुएगा ,
उनका हाथ हो सिर पर तो क्या तू न करेगा ,
बस कोशिश अपनी तू करते ही रहना ,
क्योंकि बापू ने ही कहा है, यह याद रखना ,

कोशिश करनेवाले की हार कभी नहीं होती।

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Beginnings, Welcome Changes

Happy New Year to all the readers here. Wish you all a blessed, prosperous 2016, filled with love and happiness.

This article is going to be long, and has been in the making in my mind for a while, after reading a rather lovely and enlightening article on the true intolerance in India at present by B.Jeyamohan, which was circulated on Whatsapp, and I went out searching for its origin online. The article made sense to me on many levels, simply because I agree, and feel the same about many things mentioned there. I have never been in contact with the 'power circles' in the capital, but having spent a large chunk of my life in New Delhi,( infact, till date that is the only place I have lived in the world, for the longest period of time), I can relate to each and every word mentioned there. The psychophants he mentions are present a dime a dozen in the power capital of India, as are the pseudo-intellectuals and big fat show offs.

But then our world today is that way, filled with pseudos and wannabes in every field. The wannabe cool 'n sexy, the wannabe rich 'n famous, the pseudo intellectual, is it not? How many can you spot in your current environment? The one thing I detest, always have and always will is dishonesty. Honesty may not always be diplomatic or nice, but it is the only thing that works for me, whenever I have tried anything else, it has either suffocated the life out of me, or backfired on me in the most horrible way. Of all the dishonest and fake people, the ones that are unpalatable to me are the pseudo intellectuals.They are the very scum of the world, if you ask me. The wannabe fashionista, would be fake in her appearance and attitude, something superficial to herself, and absolutely not affecting other, but the pseudo intellectual deceives others, infact the kinds, mentioned in  the above article, deceive and manipulate public opinion in a huge way. They are, to put it in plain simple English, cheats and cons.To quote the article above -

The snobs that make their living are draw their power by licking the boots of power centres.
But these are the people who decide what is culture for this country. They can talk about every thing in the world for one hour in colourful English with the right number of jargons. But on the 61st minute, the colour will start fading. Actually they don’t know any thing in the real sense. Almost all are like the little boxes we find in attics which held hing a long time back.

Oh! Just perfectly, eloquently and beautifully put. These people remind of the frustration in Ayn Rand's novels. They are all fake from within and without. Most of the big names in the Indian Media todayfall big time into this category, names like Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai. Namely because they are paid pawns of the Congress, and believe themselves, in their greedy( remember the Radia tapes???),power hungry quest to keep the lies alive, to be a source of ultimate power. But then just like them, there are hundreds of names I am unaware of ofcourse. These people now claim, there is an environment of intolerance in the nation all of a sudden, which is infact intolerance to corruption and exploitation of government resources and money.

People who have lived for years in posh bungalows in the poshest colonies of Delhi, without paying a penny, definitely don't wish to lose their free-loading lifestyles. The Congress government, with no core competency, but just living off lies and borrowed surnames, has surrounded itself with such pseudos, because they can come together and feel safe in each other's company.  Its a common rule for incapable people, that they need company of similar people to feel powerful and safe, more so to massage their fake egos. And that is the exact story of Congress and its cronies. Is Modi going to change it all? I don't know... I have seen too many sacks of sh!t politicians in my lifetime, to actually expect any better.  But hope is what we live on. If Modi is causing a stir in the corrupt Congress team, it is definitely a good sign for me. The man has the smarts for sure. I love how Internet savvy, and aware he is. He knows the problems facing the country, acknowledges it and does not push it under a carpet of lies and deceit like his predecessors on the same post. 

The Congress is an expert in maligning others. I saw this happen when Vajpayee was the PM. The only thing INC did was bad mouth him, personal attacks and worse, till they got to the people and brought down the then BJP govt. The same expert tricks are at work yet again. Ask them for a single constructive POA of their party, they have none, all they have is statements and attacks against the ruling party. It is sad and pathetic, and what is worse, is, that they are really good at it, from years of practice. They have no morals, and no limits to how low they can stoop. Look at their stooges Dutt and Sardesai as examples. So they can stoop to every unimaginable levels and play this filthy game.

But this time, there is a change of pace. And a wonderful one at that. Social Media, and a net savvy Modi. While the media sells it soul to the corrupt, the government interacts directly with the people, the people whom it governs. That brings in much needed transparency, leaving less scope for media manipulation, and also give people a good way to express their own opinions and share ideas, halving media's influence on the thinking junta. Transparency is the cornerstone of a good democracy, and I love the Modi government's efforts to implement it.(P.P. Bapu implemented the same, by putting all the sanstha's work online, and open for everyone to see and know through official channels, no lies, no fabrications) So while celebrities and media can scream their cheating lungs out about intolerance and more, the Modi government is working , and working hard and showing results.The media fell on its face when Modi was elected to the PM's seat with overwhelming majority, inspite of all its efforts to the contrary.

It is appreciating those who work hard, and it is also kicking the backsides of those who do not. A friend who has been teaching classes 10-12 for the last decade or so, received a letter of appreciation, personally signed by the Union HRD Minister for having students performing consistently well under her tutelage. And just to be clear, she teaches at a private school. Policies are changing, slowly but surely. It will be foolish to think that dirt and rust accumulated in the system over years can be removed in a day, but as says the doha of Sant Kabir

रसरी आवत जात  के सील पर पडत निसान ।
करत करत अभ्यास के जड़मति होत सुजान ।।

Which basically means, the rope on the bucket at the well, creates a mark on the heavy stone, by constantly rubbing on it. Similairly by consistent, steady efforts even the fool becomes an intellectual.

And so I have hope that these consistent efforts will bring about the much desired improvements in India, under the brave and capable leadership we now have. Let the scumbag politicians and pseudos tremble in their boots, let them be chucked out of their luxurious lifestyles funded by the hard working tax payers money. Let the poor sportswomen and men in villages who really make India proud, be privy to these benefits. Let the changes and come and stay. Let the intolerance for corruption, inefficiency, dishonesty and incapability grow exponentially with each passing day, and let these people squirm in the media limelight, as their true colours are exposed through their own statements in their current condition of fear and insecurity. Hail an India intolerant of hypocrisy!
Jeyamohan however end the article with a worry. He says,

Even for a man as strong Modi, I think he has touched a wrong nerve. These elements are too powerful. They can destroy India through the media worldwide. They can create a picture that rivers of blood are flowing in India. They can make businessmen around the world to halt. They can wreck the tourism industry. The truth is there is no other power centre like this in India. Tolerating them is unavoidable for India. And Modi’s intolerance of them is extremely dangerous – not only for him but for the country itself.

And that is the only point I disagree with. Not because his logic is flawed in anyway, at all, but because, the world scenario is not what it was. A war is coming, infact it has already begun. And when people are fearing for their own life, across the world, very few will have time or interest in the crap spun by these pseudos. And India will simply shine as a beacon of hope, under capable leadership and dedicated ministers, just as it did in Yemen recently, when it evacuated, not just Indians, but also people of other nations from the war torn zone in record time. And I have, thus nothing but hopes of real good for India in the years to come. 
Jai Hind!