Sunday, 27 October 2013

What is life without little pleasures?

Like waking up on a Sunday morning, with most of the household asleep. The BB is up, snuggling up next to me on my bed, and his new cycle is ready for its first ride out.* So we pump air into the tyres, and I suddenly remember, it might be a fun idea to cycle alongside him, instead of running behind... so I pull out my not-touched-for-nearly-2-years cycle, give it a wipe, pump some air into the tyres, and off we go for a ride around the park. Man was it fun! And may just add, the wake-up time was past 9. ;) Thank God for Sunday mornings when everyone sleeps in. Touchwood for the little happy moments in our lives.

Hope you had a good fun weekend.

[*This is an event I do not wish to forget, and am jotting it down for my own records. The BB, is done with training wheels... and it took... yes hold your breath, just 1 evening. Off went with the training wheels, and he was cycling away with perfect balance. I had heard of people who have done it, but I was always a bit skeptical, till I actually saw my first born go right at it. Since he had long outgrown his  old cycle, the tallest ones available with training wheels, it was time for a new cycle. And I guess I was as excited about it, as him.]

Saturday, 26 October 2013

This was shared by a friend on Facebook(where else??), and I simply loved it. Loved it, not just because, how true it is, but also because I believe in preserving and fixing things in life in general. I could spiral this into a post about how materialistic the world has become, with little value for commitments and promises, but that would not make it a fun read or a happy post. And what then is the point of writing at all?

Coming back to it, I wonder if you like to fix or replace in general.I think a good mix of both works well for me, in both material goods and relationships. When I was younger, I used to envy the rich private-school mates who replaced everything, had new things ever so often, and never started a new school year, with last year's stuff. But I have wisened up with age. Wastefulness does not appeal to me much now. Infact, I miss the big fat bottom drawer of a chest, filled with old rags my mother had, and which used to be put to use well and often.Why throw away what can find a different use well.