Saturday, 26 October 2013

This was shared by a friend on Facebook(where else??), and I simply loved it. Loved it, not just because, how true it is, but also because I believe in preserving and fixing things in life in general. I could spiral this into a post about how materialistic the world has become, with little value for commitments and promises, but that would not make it a fun read or a happy post. And what then is the point of writing at all?

Coming back to it, I wonder if you like to fix or replace in general.I think a good mix of both works well for me, in both material goods and relationships. When I was younger, I used to envy the rich private-school mates who replaced everything, had new things ever so often, and never started a new school year, with last year's stuff. But I have wisened up with age. Wastefulness does not appeal to me much now. Infact, I miss the big fat bottom drawer of a chest, filled with old rags my mother had, and which used to be put to use well and often.Why throw away what can find a different use well. 

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