Monday, 2 September 2013

A little this and a little that

My mind is often a jumbled ball of thoughts. I will find myself thinking about something or someone, and wonder how it started, and there will be such a complicated trail to follow to reach the starting point, and there I would see, it is in no way related to where I ended up. Does that happen to you? For example, I will see some beautiful flowers in someone's garden, that will lead me to think about a relative who likes gardening, then I will think about someone related to that relative, then it may go onto an incident involving that person and me, and then that might lead me to thinking how a similair incident happened elsewhere and so on and on and on, till I am left with no idea, that it had all begun with seeing some pretty flowers. And thus it is with writing on the blog. I come with these brilliant(atleast I think they are), ideas to write about, and I never find the time to quite sit down and type it out. And when I do infact find a couple of minutes to spare, I am bereft of any ideas to write about. I guess all the 'brilliance', just jumps right out of this brain.

It was a big weekend this past one, we had a big Pujan ceremony on Saturday and then Sunday was Father's Day in Australia, so we were out and about, which for me basically meant no cooking. And by a twist of fate, got to ride in a bus with the BB and the Smallie. Both were thrilled, especially, the BB, who enjoyed his first ever commute on a proper bus. The only trouble was keeping them seated, and ensuring they don't press the 'stop' button meant to alert the driver to stop at the next bus-stop. Being Sunday, the roads were traffic free, and we had a quick trip back home from the city in the bus. It is fun riding the bus in Queensland, with all its undulating terrain. I think I am going to do it more often. I was so busy managing them, that did not click a pic, and I regret that now!

As spring is setting in, my want to garden and grow things is on the rise. Last year was such a disappointment, since it was my first attempt ever at gardening, and all was well till the ants came in and destroyed every bit of my efforts. I was angry and I gave up. I am just trying to revive my plants from the gross neglect they have faced till now, and already the ants are back, wrecking havoc. I go to shops, almost everyone one of them are selling plants and seedlings, and I work very hard on controlling my urge to just go and get some, because I don't want to repeat last year's cycle, unless, I am completely certain about everything. Wish me luck and have a great week ahead friends.

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