Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bringing 'it' to Life

Hello world! Not sure who will be reading this, or when for that matter. So a little request, if you read this, just drop in a Hi(or Hello, or Namaste or anything else that you feel like) in the comment section below. It will just be nice to know someone had a read, and hopefully not a boring one. I am thinking what should the introductory post on a blog be about? How much will be too much and just how little will be too little? Should it be an introduction to the blog, or should it be a relevant post? Not sure... but then hey, its just my personal blog right? I can set the rules, do as I feel right, and hopefully still remain interesting enough to be read.

This blog is about me, my family and hopefully a record of memoirs that will be fun for all of us to read a few years from now. There will not be a fixed topic or agenda to the posts, but reflections from here, recollections from there, some events, some fun and some more. There will be laughs and maybe an occasional tear jerker, but all in all, I hope it turns out to be a happy place, with happy memories and posts. We will see as it grows. I has been over three years since I quit personal blogging for lack of time, as I get back into it, hope I can persevere longer, and have the patience to blog, after long breaks, and keep it going. The good thing, the hubby is by my side this time, and is committed to do a few posts every now and then.

About us, we are a family of four. The hubby, my two sons, and me. From India, and in Brisbane, Australia for the past few years, it is seeming more and more likely that we are here for the long haul. We are a bit publicity shy(as if we are celebrities, and the paparazzi is chasing us), or should I say privacy conscious, hence you might rarely see photos of us here, but what you will get is a glimpse into our lives, fun, chaotic and sometimes plain crazy, but fun all the same. As it goes along you will know us by our names, but just as we begin, let me name the four characters you will come across most often here,the PM(Papa Man, and yes he is the head of the family) or the hubby and other author of the blog, me, who will also be referred to as the MH (Mother Hen or Madame Hurried, since I am always short of time) . And let me introduce the next two characters, who will most likely be the stars here, by their blog names(something akin to having a nom de plume) , our first born, the six year old boy who will be called The BB(The Big Boy or the Big Brother)  and the little, almost two year old tornado of a boy we have, The Smallie(because he is the baby of the family).These for my friends are the dashing DMello quadrant, who will tell you their tales as we go along. I hope this blog makes for an interesting read, as we write and tell about our lives. Welcome to The DMellos Down Under.

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