Monday, 15 September 2014

Simply Awesome....

that is my day today. So many things happened, that I have not had the time to savour them completely just yet. I can hopefully read this post on a rainy day and smile for the blessings that have been showered on me today.

This week is another one of single parenting, not too exciting, because its the last week of term, the BB is tiered, and went to bed last night with watery eyes and a really runny nose, all thanks to Spring allergies, and I have plenty of work to do for the upcoming celebrations for the BB's birthday on Sunday. And today just tells me, it will be an absolutely amazing week.

The Smallie was at his music class today, and his teacher and I had a long long chat after the lesson. And she was so full of praises for his abilities, especially with him being the youngest in his class. Its always nice to know your child is doing well.

I had an end-of-term interview with The BB's teacher today afternoon, and there was no way I could focus with The Smallie around. So I asked, and a dear friend kindly agreed to have him for an hour, at the park, while I went in to meet the teacher. The Smallie, was no bother at all, he was not upset, not anxious, nothing, he just walked into the park, and was happily there for a little under an hour, did not even bother to come to me when I got there. This was my first time, leaving him with someone other than PM, and it did not seem like he was hassled one bit. A big milestone, and such an easy one. That kid is ready to go to school I tell you!

And then ofcourse the BB. We were done with the review way too quickly. He is doing GREAT, and to say I am proud, is putting it lightly. He is progressing, learning, making efforts, while doing oh! so well already. I am so sorry PM missed both of the reviews this year.  When the teacher asked me, if there was anything I was concerned about, and would like to discuss, I had nothing to say, but that I was very happy with the way he was going. How he insisted on going to school today, though he was not a 100% today morning, tells me he is enjoying school. And the teacher had only the loveliest things to say about him, and the best bit was her saying, she loves having him in our class. what more could I want, than my child's teacher enjoying having him as a pupil. And can I add, that is a far far cry from what my teachers thought of me at that age.

And the cherry on top, was the boys having an absolute gala, jumping in a muddy puddle they managed to find at the park, the 2 of mine, and the 2 beautiful girls of my friend just went at it non stop for close to an hour, and man were they disgustingly filthy, but simply exuberant to have had that play. God's beautiful blessing to our beautiful day.

Bapu, I am eternally Ambadnya!

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