Tuesday, 27 January 2015

And The Smallie Speaks

Today the BB started grade 3, and the Smallie went back to Kindy for the 2nd time, last Tuesday, 20th Jan 2015 was his 1st day. Last night as I put the boys to sleep in their bed, a bit earlier than had been the routine over the 6 weeks of the holidays, they tried every trick in the book they could to stay up, which they did anyways. The BB said, he was having scary dreams, even before he had fallen asleep. So I asked him to pray to Bapu, and say, "Bapu I am feeling scared, please hold my hand and put me to sleep." The BB said nothing, but The Smallie goes "Bapu hold Dada's hand, he is feeling scared, and put me to sleep." I had a good laugh ofcourse.

Today morning, which their lunch boxes and everything was packed, and the boys were sitting down for breakfast, the Smallie, opened his lunch bag, looked in, and said, " Aah! that's my sandwich. Looks like I have everything I need for Kindy!". And so off he went for his 2nd day in kindy-land.

Bapu bless my boys always, stand by their side and guide them at every step of life. Mi Ambadnya Aahe.

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