Monday, 8 September 2014

As A Parent...

- I know I am doing something right, because

Today we enrolled my little tornado, The Smallie, in a kindergarten. He will start in Jan next year. This happened while the BB was at school. So in the afternoon, when I picked him up, I told him about the new development, and said, next year, he and I could probably go for movies when The Smallie is at his kindy. To this, he replied, "But, then The Smallie will miss you on all the fun, and we cannot tell him what we did."

- I excelled by taming my fears

We were off to the Redcliffe Festival for Father's Day yesterday. And the BB wanted to go on all the crazy rides, and they all needed a partner in tow. I hoped he would not make the height cut off, but he did, and so, I hopped in with him, my heart in my mouth, and not just 1 of those crazy rides mind you.  I hope I get brownie points for that.

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