Monday, 17 July 2017

The Contradiction That is Mankind

We are a funny bunch us humans. I cannot understand us, sometimes I am exasperated, at others amused, and yet others befuddled. It is not that I am perfect, or that my philosophies of life are ideal, but some contradictions of humanity, I just do not understand.

We talk about valuing lives of all creatures, we have PETA activists raising their voice all around the globe against animal cruelty, while we allow innocent women and children to be smuggled into flesh trade, human lives to be violently taken away in Syria. I don't understand it. How can someone who stands up for animal rights, not be affected by the cruelty against innocent humans? We members of the modern world, allow a tragedy like Syria to happen and beat on about saving fishes. Do you see the contradiction in that or is it just me? Every culture today talks about embracing others, and yet, applies that only to the 'new world' immigrants, while the old world racism flourishes unbound under that charm of acceptance.

We flaunt sex everywhere, and encourage teenage sex, and then encourage abortions, calling it women's rights. It makes no sense to me, as a person, a woman or as a parent. What would make sense to me would be to teach the new generation of humans responsibility, to teach them that every action has a consequence, consequences that are often irreversible. To teach the new generation that there is a right time, a right age for sex, and that is not the be-all and end-all of life. It would make sense to me, to teach the new generation that every life is indeed precious, not just ones that can stand and earn but those without a voice. Abortions of convenience, seem to me, to be one of the cruelest traits of mankind, right next to murdering a child. Abortions happen across the world for a number of reasons right from wanting an offspring of a different gender, not wanting a child to take care of, not wanting to 'spoil' the body and more. The point though is, we are killing the most vulnerable of life, just because we can, and that in my books, makes us the cruelest and meanest murderous race on earth. We kill our own young ones. The ones that would carry on our human race, the precious lives ensconced in the womb of a mother to keep safe and warm, to grow and be nurtured to life outside the womb. It seems like we are a standing joke on ourselves. Because we feel we have the right to decide which lives are important enough to save and which are not.

Another thing I just do not understand is the revolt against the basic rules of 'nature'. We believe in following the law of the land. As humanity, every culture, group, society, community, city, country is guided by a set of rules, law as they are set up. Rules, set up for the well being of all member of the community. These rules are put in place for the smallest unit of people like a family, and we seem to understand the importance and need for it. Most of us follow them, and understand that people who break these rules need to face its consequences. Like the time-out for a child who throws a tantrum about eating their vegetables on the dinner table. And yet, we cannot understand the simple thing that, God (Yes, I will not say nature etc, because it is God who created this universe, people who want to fool themselves by not believing in it, are depriving themselves of the greatest truth of all, and I am not going to be politically correct to appease that dishonesty) who created this entire universe, all of creation created some rules for its inhabitants for their own well being? Are speed limits on the roads created because the council wishes to keep the community safe, or for the rogue speed lover to be tortured? I am amazed at how easily this law abiding bunch of people, gladly protest against the simple rules laid down by the God, who is our creator. The rules, basic tenets, shown by every religion. It is tempting indeed to speed up on an empty residential street when I am running late, but would I do it, is the question that we all need to ask ourselves. Adultery, homosexuality, abortions, drug abuse are against the rules of God. But we stand bold and strong fighting for our 'rights' to break all these rules, we talk about our rights, and wish to change the law of the land to permit it all. And yet, we pretend like the law is only for our community, our country, created by us. And we delude ourselves into believing that the God who created the world, did not lay down guideline for our own well being, that there can be no consequences for breaking those rules, because there are no instant repercussions, that we are able to comrehend. And we then sit and sob about the sorry state of our lives, our society. Just because I feel like slapping the rude man at the shopping centre, I would not, because I know it is not the right thing to do. There are similairly many other impulses we as humans need to control, rather than fight to allow ourselves into a state of anarchy(that is what we achieve when every individual does exactly what pleases them, without following the rules). The more we stray away from the rules that were formed with our creation, the further we as mankind stray away from our true path. Our true path leads us to happiness, fulfillment, and straying........ No one said happiness is easy to achieve, atleast not the true kind that touches our soul, unlike the instant gratifications, which is all we seem to be aiming for these days. Where nothing has permanence, not wedding vows, not the feeling of security from parents, not the dependability of a family. And yet, we like foolish sheep are getting led to our own slaughter, not realising that these are the things that make our human life, or progress as a species truly valuable. A good life, an honest life, is the one we are born to lead, and the blueprint for that is within us, we cannot run away from it, even if we tried. And yet we do, we try our best and then some more.

 And that is why, it is amusing, exasperating and confusing for me, all at the same time. How, just how can we be so very contradictory to ourselves, so micro sighted, so absorbed in the instant that we forget to be truly good to ourselves, to all of mankind, all of us? I don't get humanity anymore at some levels, I really don't.

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