Friday, 20 February 2015

Stronger Together

I am not happy today. A bit tensed. I was hoping with the tropical cyclone Marcia coming up, today might be a day where the schools and offices are closed down. But that was not to be. The PM and The BB are at work and school respectively, and well, what would have been a normal day, has left me uneasy. And I realise now, why I wanted a rainy-day holiday today, is because I wanted the four of us to be together at home. It makes me feel safe and secure, to have the family together at times of trouble.

This feeling arises from a place of love, not just for me, but for most people. When there is a danger, we want loved ones close by, so we are assured of their safety. It is these family ties that gives us the strong foundation, from which we grow, with our feet firmly planted in the ground. Its my family which gives me my core strength. And it is love alone, which has the power to make us strong. I wish all Queenslanders safety and security with their loved ones, while we wait out this cyclone.


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