Thursday, 14 August 2014

When There isn't time, There are Friends to tell you otherwise.

Just a couple of days ago,  I wrote this on Facebook.

"Sometimes, I truly wish I had the time to start blogging again... writing, recording my thoughts and experiences, and hopefully looking back someday to see all that I have learnt. I love having the conversations in my mind that I do, on the odd quiet moments, while cooking or cleaning, and wish, just wish I was typing it away instead.

I really wish I could manage the time.
Life is so short and
yet so rich,
So much to learn from , so much to grow,
And yet I miss not noting it down somewhere,
To come back and see how much I have grown and changed,
Learnt from experiences, laughs and mistakes,
I wish I could just note it down somewhere.

As time flies past, with the kids who change each day,
I think how far they have come along the way,
I want to store and record each precious moment,
Somewhere safe, for me to come back to see where it all went,
To write down what I think and feel on a cheery day,
So that I can read to get back the smile I might be missing on a grey day,
To store and share with my friends,
All the colours that my life lends.

I truly wish I could manage the time to blog again

I was amazed at just how many of my friends encouraged me to get back at it, and said that I was just making excuses. I hope I am not. I do try my level best to prioritise, I have tried blogging on and off, but it just does not stick. A lot has to do with me not being the fastest or most efficient person around.But hey, I need to keep trying isn't it?

A lovely friend, who did not quite comment on the post, mailed me a link to an article instead. Have a read of it, if like me you too complaint of never quite finding enough time. While I don't think I am important one bit, I do feel quite inefficient. And if I indeed do stop being on the social networking sites, as often as I am, I am sure I will be a lot more alert, aware and 'with time', than I currently am.

I am making a list here, of all things that I think save me time, will save me time, or increase my efficiency!

1. Chanting and Praying. It may sound unrelated, but I have noticed a marked difference in my energy levels on the days that I do chant, and the days that I don't. I found it so much easier to cope after the birth of The Smallie, rather than The BB, simply because I chanted and prayed. Even with just the BB, I was overwhelmed, but I managed much better with both after The Smallie.

2.Eat a light Dinner. The lighter the dinner, the easier it is for me to wake up in the morning bright and fresh. The earlier I wake up, the more organised I am, and the more I get done in the day. But I let go, when its something too yummy!

3. Prioritise.  Make a to-do list and stick to it. Don't add more on, and don't carry forward the list either.

4. Get off Surfing the Net. This is something I am working on implementing and I know it will save me loads of time.

5. Get a Break - Fresh Air, Outdoors. I don't always do it, but it really helps when I feel too overwhelmed, by my to-do list or both the boys needing attention, screaming etc etc, if I just step out for a few minutes, breathe in fresh air, maybe with a cuppa in hand if I am lucky, I feel better equipped to deal with what's at hand.

Please share your tips too, would love to read them. I feel better after the mid-week holiday we had yesterday, and now on to the rest of my day, you have a good one too!

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